So Let Me Tell You About Cards

I’m a professional Tarot reader and have been since the early 90s.  I have used my ‘go-to’ tarot deck, ‘The Tarot of the Cat People’, for years as a way to talk to my gods, namely Bast.

Since I have worked with Loki, I have had problems finding a good divination method to talk with Loki.  Tarot has never seemed to be his ‘thing’ as well as runes (more Odin’s thing than anything).  I asked an acquaintance of mine (who works with both Odin and Loki) her opinion and she said runes weren’t really ‘Loki’ as well.

So I began a search to find a divination method that would work with Loki.

I looked at dominoes, dice, pendulums, different card systems, oracles and playing cards.

Playing cards were what seemed to stick as I researched and learned about how this method works.  I also was able to establish a connection easily and that encouraged me to learn more about divination with playing cards.  It’s not too different from Tarot, which I love dearly.

This method makes it easy for anyone to pick up and learn.  All you need is a deck of playing cards like poker cards (any standard card deck).  There are a couple of good sites on the internet with interpretations for the cards, however I tend to use Tarot interpretations since it is from the Tarot that the modern playing card deck was derived.

A playing card deck differs from the Tarot in that it does not have a Major Arcana, nor Pages in the Court cards.

This is a decent site for playing card interpretations.

I’m interested to learn if other people find the playing card method effective for Loki or what other methods they use to divine for him or talk to him.


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