Jack of Spades


Nobody I know of reads playing cards.  

I don’t know of any Lokean who does either.

So I may be kind of unique, I am not entirely sure.

Anyway, He has revealed to me that His card in the deck is the Jack of Spades.  Anyone agree with this?  Disagree?  Any kind of response is welcome.

At any rate, it makes it easier for me, altar-wise, until I finish the amigurumi I am doing of Loki, for my altar (and cuddling purposes).

It’s what led me to pick up the same card as a bead when I went to the bead store and what makes me just that much more convinced that this is the type of cards Loki prefers.

It is weird, reading the playing cards, but the deck I have, I love.  It is the “Ignite” playing card deck from Ellusionist.  This is the deck He wanted and it’s the deck I went and got myself.

Nice thing about Playing Cards?  They’re cheaper than Tarot.

Although He hasn’t left Tarot out.  

Loki has determined that He likes both Steampunk Tarot decks out there, yet hasn’t decided on which one yet.