“I want a Creeper”



I crochet among other crafts, as well as write and create art. I’m also a gamer.  Among my favorites are the Portal games and Minecraft.

I am currently working on a crochet amigurumi of Loki for his altar and when I was out recently with my DH and DD, we were all talking about Minecraft and Loki told me very clearly that He wanted His own crochet Creeper.  Since I have made several (the one in the picture is “Sprig”, one I made as a pattern design test) in different ombre colors (even a red, green and white one for Christmas last year named “Holly”), now Loki wants one as well.  For his altar, I’m assuming. 

This makes a lot of sense to me, Creepers are very Lokian, I think. I have collected a bunch of Minecraft fan videos and music and always loved the below video.  It seems very Lokian to me as well.  I could see Lokians and Discordians doing something similar.  Or crashing a Blot with a Creeper mask on. ;> 


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