Long interval

I can’t believe it’s been such a long time between posts.  Of course, we did end up finally moving so I think I will be more relaxed and feel more like writing now that we’re in a nicer place.

I do think a lot about Loki and I sometimes wonder if this path is ‘worth it’, with the fact that it is not very well understood by most Pagan traditions.  I don’t know if there are other people who have had the same trouble of being accepted into Pagan groups because of being a Lokian.  I usually don’t tell anyone, unless they really engage me in conversations.

Other current trends tend to make it a bit harder as well, mainly being popular culture’s interest in Loki.  I haven’t any problem (for the record, I love the modern interpretation) but it kind of makes it harder for people to take you seriously.

Anyone else have an opinion?

Long interval was originally published on Leiptr


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