For all you Loki lovers out there

Upon Raven Wings

I’m not a follower of Loki. I don’t hate him, like many; but something tells me that while Heathen lore probably makes some good points about Loki, it may also be slanted against him in much the same way I feel the lore was slanted to glorify death in combat. To what degree, I can’t be certain; and, since I don’t relate to Loki the way I do to Odin or others, I tend to leave Loki be. My farthest thoughts about Loki’s place among the Aesir places him as the omega wolf among the the Aesir pack (of which, Odin is the alpha). Anyone who has studied anything about wolves knows that the omega wolf is just as important as the alpha when it comes to the overall health of the pack. However, I try to be fair about most things, and I thought I would offer something in…

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