Witch but not Wiccan

black-and-white-sigh-Favim.com-235451I’m confused, I think.  Looking at Wicca again, I am reminded of the elements of it that didn’t match with my personality.  I have always identified as a Witch, but Wicca has been very problematic for me the entire time I have been Pagan.

I’m not a ceremonialist, I’ve always been very thoughtful, insight oriented.  I think a lot about things and like to be quiet and introspective when I’m spiritual.  I suppose one could say I ‘pray’ a lot.  I am a psychic and I like doing magick and working with divination methods like tarot.

I don’t think going with a highly ceremony-oriented practice like Wicca is a good idea for someone who just doesn’t get anything out of formalized ritual.  When I was doing Bast-focused Wicca, it made more sense and felt right.  With Loki, it just doesn’t seem to match well.

So I guess I’m still looking.


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