Symbol of Loki or Symbol of Torture?

christ-on-the-cross-1627To begin with, this is a really weird question.

I’ll start with an anecdote from my partner, Discord.

Discord has mentioned occasionally that it seems weird that Christians wear Crosses, seeing as it was the implement of torture that their god was murdered on.  He likens this to someone wearing a gun or some such item to remember a loved one who was killed by such a weapon.  This makes sense to me actually.

The-Gospel-of-LokiSo, while reading the new novel The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris, she mentions that her version of Loki is deathly afraid of snakes.  This makes sense too, and it’s a good plot device for the novel.  Keeping in mind, this is a novel, I still thought about it for a bit.

Is using a snake symbol for Loki the same as wearing an implement of torture like Christians tend to do?  Is this a good thing or a bad?

il_570xN.619003863_iar6Most Lokeans I have come across (primarily in reading blogs or books) seem to feel the snake is a good symbol of Himself, however, he hasn’t been associated with snakes other than being the father of Jourmagand, and the snake Skaldi positioned above his head to drip venom on his face.  Snakes are usually considered representatives of fire elements and fire gods are commonly associated with snakes.

As far as my personal interaction with Loki, he hasn’t really disagreed or agreed, more prompting me to write about my questions, sharing them with the blog readers.

What do you think?

Is the snake a good symbol for Loki?  Or is it simply a reminder of an instrument that has tormented our beloved god?


2 thoughts on “Symbol of Loki or Symbol of Torture?

  1. I think it depends on how the wearer sees it. I mean most symbols of protection are symbols of protection because people associate it with their deity or energy or whatever, and believe it protects them.

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