Catechism for a witch’s child

Catechism for a witch’s child

by J.L. Stanley.

When they ask to see your gods

your book of prayers

show them lines

drawn delicately with veins

on the underside of a bird’s wing

tell them you believe

in giant sycamores mottled

and stark against a winter sky

and in nights so frozen

stars crack open spilling streams of molten ice to earth

and tell them how you drank

the holy wine of honeysuckle

on a warm spring day

and of the softness

of your mother

who never taught you

death was life’s reward

but who believed in the earth

and the sun

and a million, million light years

of being.

(I found this online a while ago and came across it tonight. I always wanted to give this to one of my kids.  I asked Glimmering (14) to read it tonight and I think they liked it.)