Loki… I finally got my LOKI TATTOO!

IMG_20160423_194220421Tattoo. I finally got the tattoo!  What ended up finally motivating me was the possibility of more surgery in the future. (I love this tat!!)

It’s been about a year and a half since the hysterectomy and I was hoping that maybe the Endo my doctor found wouldn’t return to bother me.  But in the last several months, I have been feeling worse (sigh).  Speaking to a doctor locally confirmed that it’s entirely possible the damn Endo is back and making me sick.

So. I got the Loki tattoo when I was in Phoenix to visit my Daddy this last weekend.  He’d offered to pay for my first tattoo when I was ready and so we went in on Saturday and we got this wonderful black tattoo at “Top Rocker Tattoo” in Arrowhead, Phoenix, Arizona.

I am so happy with this tattoo.  Now I can bring Loki with me even into surgery and other medical things, when I can’t wear my pendant or anything else.  I look at the tattoo and it makes me happy.  I think of Loki, of how he’s been there for me during the scary parts of my life, as well as I now have memories of my Dad and the amazing experience we had together as I got this tattoo.  I love my Dad very much.  He’s a really incredible guy and he’sTOLKIEN a tough old marine.

He introduced me to Lord of the Rings and the man who influenced me to begin to write, J. R. R. Tolkien.

“It’s an adventure,” my Dad said as we pulled into the parking lot of the ‘Top Rocker’ tattoo shop in Arrowhead shopping plaza.

It’s been a sentiment we’ve always had during the scarier/stressful parts of our lives and it’s because of, as Dad put it, “Ol’ Bilbo.  He had to tell himself it was an adventure, didn’t he, sis?” (‘Sis’ is because I’m the oldest in my family, my brother is younger than me by 9 years.)

I’ve even repeated this to my own kids… even as I drove my (17 year old Aspergers) son on the 200+ mile drive to Phoenix this last weekend to visit my Dad and brother (who happens to be my son’s favorite guy in the world).  “It’s an adventure, Lith*.”

I’m still trying to figure out how to tell my Mom, since she’ll most likely get on my Dad (they’re divorced) about paying for it and encouraging me…  But I’ll figure it out.  I love my Mom as much as I do my Dad (glad they are divorced, btw!  More on that someday).

Anyway, I’m happy and glad I got it before I might have to look forward to further Endometriosis surgeries.  I can bring Loki with me everywhere.

*Lithium: my oldest