About Stormraven

Stormraven (aka Diranda) is a semi-retired professional science fiction writer and artist living in Arizona. (pen-name Tabitha Bradley)Keirys1

I have been a pagan since 1992 and has been dedicated to Loki since 1995.

I have studied and practiced Asatru, Kemeticism, Wicca and general Paganism.

I have worked with Bast, Morgan leFay, Sekhmet, Thor, Odin and Sigyn as well.  I am dedicated exclusively to Loki, but have a continual working relationship with Thor and (to a lesser extent) Odin.

I have a solid background in Egyptian Paganism, as I was dedicated to Bast from 1992 to 1999 and spent a lot of time studying Kemeticism and Egyptian Wicca.  I have a friendly connection with the Sekhmet Goddess Temple in Nevada, although I no longer work with Bast or Sekhmet as a primary focus.

alex11Thor and Odin have been with me my entire life and my relationship with them is warm (especially Thor).  Thor’s always been a friend, and quite supportive.  Though I’m not dedicated to him, nor plan to be, he’s such a sweetie and I love him dearly.

My relationships with Odin and Sigyn are complicated to explain.  The one thing I can say is that they’re both dear to me.  I am not dedicated to Odin and I respect deeply, those who are and who get how important that is.  As a Lokean, Odin treats me a lot like he does Thor and Loki, and my experience with him is similar to that of a mysterious, wise and unpredictable mentor/teacher/wiseman with a rare sense of humor. (You can interpret that ‘rare’ however you wish–this is Odin we’re talking about).

Sigyn is… Sigyn.  She’s even harder for me to describe than Odin.  I have aMagicalDira2_01 prayer bead string I made for her on Loki’s altar and keys represent her to me.  There’s not a lot else I can say as it’s very complex.

I am a professional psychic, my particular focus being Tarot. However I have been working with playing card divination, which seems to resonate to Loki much more.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.
I am Stormraven523 on Skype, Steam and Origin; and Diranda on Etsy, Ravelry, Renderosity and Daz3d.

Art: Kierys: K. Sheets (Nayru); Alex: J. Verley (Stormraven); Magical Dira: K. Sheets (Nayru)



One thought on “About Stormraven

  1. I am so in love with your blog. I’m making Loki inspired incense and I was looking for ideas when I came across your post, Loki’s Correspondences.

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