Grouchy, Sick and Neglectful… and (at least!) Writing

too_many_choices1This post is a variety of things.  I’ve been sick over the weekend which has made things kind of frustrating for me.  I guess I just need to vent a bit or something.

One point seems to be the entry in my Correspondences document on December 13 as Loki’s Birthday.  I remember reading a blog somewhere, where the poster explained why that worked and at the time, I liked the idea.  Problem is, I don’t know who that was or where the post was.  I have been looking for it the last week and couldn’t find it.

December 13 came up and… (maybe because I’m sick, I don’t quite know)… it just didn’t feel right at all, you know?  So I took the entry off the Correspondences for now, until I work this out to an extent I’m comfortable with.

I also have been working on a new novel.  Helping Nayru (my bff) get her first book ready for publication, I came across our chosen publisher’s Oromance-gay-wedding-cake-topper-0pen Submission Call page.  So, since I’m always interested in what kind of open calls publishers have going on, I took a look at it.  They’re doing an

Open Call for Gay Marriage romances, but it closes today, actually.  Luckily for me, when I was looking at this, it was a couple weeks ago.

So I grabbed a piece I had been working with and continued to work on it, running a quick edit and outlining, hoping I could come up with a good story that would come in at at least 20K (that’s 20,000 words).  I do wish I’d known about this a while ago, of course.

So thinking I might actually be able to do this book before the deadline, I launched into it and was working.  Unfortunately, other stuff, like life, was

getting in the way and slowing me down.  And, to be honest, a lot of that was also me.  I have so many stupid blocks in writing now, it’s hard.  I really wish I could write like I did in High School, when I’d just spend the whole day writing and enjoying what I was doing.  Ah well.

Anyway, I managed to get going with it, and then ended up getting diagnosed with a sinus infection and got put on antibiotics.  Which, of course, pretty much derailed my weekend.

This last weekend, I got the house to myself and my dog and I was writer-1planning to use it to get some serious writing done.  Well, it was pretty clear by Saturday that 20K wasn’t happening, and I needed a day to create a submission packet.  Luckily for me, this publisher happens to accept Proposals on WIPs (works in progress), and I had enough finished that I could definitely do a Proposal.  I got together what I had, edited and polished it as much as I could with it being the first 3 chapters and spent yesterday working on the synopsis and the submission packet.  So I got it out to the publisher before the deadline, which was good.

Problem is, I still feel like I didn’t get what I told everyone else I was going to do, done.  I think being sick, taking the antibiotics that make me feel a bit worse, and being generally grouchy anyway don’t help my outlook on the word at this point.

That, and I feel really like I’ve been neglecting Loki a lot as well.  I really wanted to do something special for the 13th, but wasn’t really able to do much more than set up my altar space (which, becrainbow+high_resolution+pc_thems+mobile+wallpapers 2ause of the way the house is currently set up, is a shelf on my wall book case) and put the little electric candles on (luckily, since Loki is very connected to electricity/lightning in my experience, this works out well).  I did use my ‘Loki Scarf’; a delicate, Irish burnout velvet scarf which is more of a ‘sacred vestment’ kind of thing; as an altar cloth.  I plan on swapping this out, but it felt like the least I could do since I’d felt like I was being so neglectful lately.

I suppose I should really give myself a break, since I’ve been sick and dizzy, but that’s really hard to do.

On another note though, I have made a commitment to write more and the first thing I am doing is only writing for at least 10 minutes a day.  So this includes blog posts (as long as avatar_58a8f20e3f81_128it’s straight writing).  I’m hoping to get back into the habit of writing a lot more often this way.

By the way, this post took 20 minutes to write. Yay!


Loki’s Brud/Heather Freysdottir “Embracing Marvel Loki, or how I stopped worrying about how to be a “tru” Lokean”

"Gaston VonTesmar"

“Gaston VonTesmar”

Again. Another article that just… wow.  Her experience with Him is extremely similar to mine.  Although in my case, at first, I thought He was my spirit guide, who looked very similar to a character in my novels.  It came out a little later that he was in fact Loki and we’d been dealing with each other in the Guide relationship from pretty much the first time I started studying and connecting with Him.  Interestingly, I first knew Him with green eyes and black hair.

Embracing Marvel Loki, or how I stopped worrying about how to be a “tru” Lokean

Loki’s Brud/Heather Freysdottir “Embracing Marvel Loki, or how I stopped worrying about how to be a “tru” Lokean” was originally published on Leiptr

So Let Me Tell You About Cards

I’m a professional Tarot reader and have been since the early 90s.  I have used my ‘go-to’ tarot deck, ‘The Tarot of the Cat People’, for years as a way to talk to my gods, namely Bast.

Since I have worked with Loki, I have had problems finding a good divination method to talk with Loki.  Tarot has never seemed to be his ‘thing’ as well as runes (more Odin’s thing than anything).  I asked an acquaintance of mine (who works with both Odin and Loki) her opinion and she said runes weren’t really ‘Loki’ as well.

So I began a search to find a divination method that would work with Loki.

I looked at dominoes, dice, pendulums, different card systems, oracles and playing cards.

Playing cards were what seemed to stick as I researched and learned about how this method works.  I also was able to establish a connection easily and that encouraged me to learn more about divination with playing cards.  It’s not too different from Tarot, which I love dearly.

This method makes it easy for anyone to pick up and learn.  All you need is a deck of playing cards like poker cards (any standard card deck).  There are a couple of good sites on the internet with interpretations for the cards, however I tend to use Tarot interpretations since it is from the Tarot that the modern playing card deck was derived.

A playing card deck differs from the Tarot in that it does not have a Major Arcana, nor Pages in the Court cards.

This is a decent site for playing card interpretations.

I’m interested to learn if other people find the playing card method effective for Loki or what other methods they use to divine for him or talk to him.

It means ‘lightning’

Old Norse for lightning to be exact.  I went to look for the Norse word with the idea of naming the blog after it as well as giving me a good blog theme and have discovered that it was also one of the nine primordial rivers of Norse myth.  Apparently it was ‘bright’.

Why lightning?

One of Loki’s associations is lightning and lightning is one thing we certainly have plenty of in the desert (where I live).

I have never been good at blogging, despite being a writer.  However, I have wanted to throw my voice out into the Ether to join the other Lokeans out there who are trying to journal their unique experience as a priest or priestess of Loki.