Loki’s Correspondences

This is a dynamic document I have been working on for several years (the update dates are in italics at the bottom). Some of it is personal gnosis but most comes from information I have come across over years of research, as well as additions suggested by readers of this blog.  You may or may not agree with some or all of it, but I’m sharing it because He wants me to.

Loki, Sky-Traveller

Cleverness, knowledge, trickery, sex, seduction, shapeshifting, divine catalyst, change, humor, creation, lightning, fire, air, storms, wind, creativity, painful truth/truth, discovery, cunning, earthquakes, homosexuality, polyamory, transgendered people, oppressed & abused people, chronic illness (including non-visible illness), neurodivergent people, disabilities

NAME: Loki Laufeyson
ALSO KNOWN AS: Lodurr (pron. “lo-der”), Loptur, Lopt, Loke, Logi, Loge, Lisan, Laufeyiarson, Laufeyson, Hvedrungr
KENNINGS: “Sky Traveller”, “Trickster”, “Father of Lies”, “Shapechanger”, “Sly One”, “Crafty-wise”
ASSOCIATED WITH: Odin, Thor, Hodur
PARENTS: Laufey/Nal “Leafy” (mother) and Farbauti “Lightning/Cruel Striker” (father); Odin & Freya (foster parents)
SIBLINGS: Byleist, Helblindi (Kennings for Odin), Blood-brother to Thor (confirmed in PG)
SPOUSE(S)/LOVERS: Sigyn (wife), Angrboda (consort), Freya, Sif, Tyr’s wife
CHILDREN: Nari/Narfi, Vali, Hel, Fenrir, Sleipnir, Jörmungandr

SACRED AREA(S): Caves, mountains, kettles (hot springs); deserts

SYMBOL(S): Lightning; Knot; Chaos Star; Infinity Snake; Figure 8
COLORS: Red, Purple, Black, Gold, Green, Orange, Lavender, Silver

WOODS: Cedar, Juniper, Elder
PLANTS: Cinnamon, Tobacco, Patchouli, Clove, Hemp/Marijuana, Lavender, Mistletoe, Holly
RESINS: Amber Resin, Dragon’s Blood
STONES: Red Jasper, Jet, Amethyst, Amber, Garnet, Goldstone; Plastic, Acrylic, Glass
METALS: Gold, Bronze, Silver, Magnesium

ELEMENT(S): Air, Lightning (Fire)

ALTAR TOOL(S): Staves (wand, cane)
WEAPON: Handgun (specifically), Dagger/Knife

OFFERINGS: Mead, Beer, Rum, Brandy, Wine (any alcohol), Chocolate, Incense, Cinnamon, Strong Coffee, Tobacco

ANIMALS: Wolf, Coyote, Salmon, Raven, Axolotl (ask me)
MYTHIC CREATURES: Slepnir (Odin’s eight-legged horse), Jotuns, Fenrir, Jörmungandr

INSTRUMENTS: Drum, violin; unusual instruments, flute


TAROT: The Fool, The Magician
NUMEROLOGY: 4, 8; 13
RUNES: Dagaz, Kaunaz
DIVINATION: Playing Cards, Fire Scrying

HOLY DAY(S):  “Feast of Loki (Lokisblot)”, July 23 (or the rising of Sirius), December 25
DAYS: Thursday, Friday
STAR: Lokabrenna (Sirius) “Burning done by Loki”
PLANET: Pluto; Dark Moon
MOON PHASE: Waning, Dark, Void
SABBAT: Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Yule
MONTH: September, October, November, December, January
SEASON(S): Autumn, Winter

MAGICAL TREASURE: Loki has brought many magical treasures to the Gods, notable among these are Thor’s hammer, Sif’s golden hair, Odin’s spear, Slepnir, Frey’s warship and boar.

GIFTS TO HUMANS: Loki invented the net and gave humans fire.

7/18/03, 12/1/12, 09/09/13, 09/11/13, 09/12/13, 10/31/13, 05/14/15, 08/12/15, 8/17/15, 8/19/15, 8/26/15, 11/21/16, 11/30/17, 12/20/17


20 thoughts on “Loki’s Correspondences

  1. Hi would you explain me why is number eight associated with Loki,I would really appreciate it cause I want to get a tattoo that symbolises Loki and I searching for something that is strongly bonded to him.If you have also some ideas that would be great.

    1. Like images of Jörmungandr, the number 8 symbolizes infinity; eternity. Though as a tattoo it may not be seen as your intent. A serpent in a figure 8, wrapping the runes ᛚ and ᚲ comes to mind as something pleasing and highly significant. If you wish, of course.

  2. I have had the experience of being shown the orange carnelian stone as one of his stones too. Also, I dreamed his mother Laufey talked to me in a beechwood where she lived and said her son was a skydancer. So add “dancer” to “treader”;) As for the blots, I also agree with the first poster and wonder why you chose the date of July 23 as the Sirius star rising. Another aspect is you can add the color dark blue to the colors list. At least, that’s been part of my UPG.

  3. What’s your reasoning and sources for these? Most of them are pretty solid and common knowledge or easy to back up, but there’s a lot I haven’t seen before. I’m especially curious about Lokisblot, where did you get the date July 23rd? Most people hold their blots to him on April 1st, from what I’ve seen.

    1. The more recent (read later than 2000) people use April 1, but I and others have never felt this was an appropriate date for Loki’s Festival. Loki is associated with Sirius and the date of July 23 was listed by one of the original Lokean Asatru (Alice Karlsdottr) as an appropriate date for the LokisBlot. Sirius was known to rise during July and is traditionally considered to rise on or about July 23.

  4. This has just made me realise that Loki has been my pantheon all along, I had a suspicion that it would be him but this has fully confirmed it for me, I have been seeing him in my dreams and have always associated myself with most of his symbols as they made me feel comfortable. However I am a bit worried/ unsure since he is a trickster God and can’t stop thinking about this fact since I am still attached to him do you have any hints about what I should do?

  5. Perhaps you can tell me if I’m being delusional or not. I’m having strange dreams. It started a while back. You know how I said I’ve been reading to Loki? I always feel someone, I always felt it was him, in the room when I do. I feel really calm, and most times so does he. When I think of him the same part of my body heats up, the side of my neck. I’ve been having dreams of him, at one point it was sexual in nature, and when I first wake up I see flashes of him or when I first fall asleep I see hits of him behind my eyelids. The dreams aren’t always sexual, that was more only once. I’ve dreamed of him surrounded by gold light/mist laughing and smiling. I’ve dreamed of laying on the grass with him talking. At one point I kissed his neck, where my own heats up. He seemed displeased, but not with me, but with the surroundings. He frowned and shifted. I have asked him what he wants. He says my love. I don’t mind his company. Even if he gets prickly every once in a while; I wonder if I’m a vacation point for him. He says its easy to be around me.
    Part of me keeps urging caution, but the rest of me says to go with it. Whatever comes, comes, and I’ll meet it then.
    Part of me also thinks I’m going crazy. He seems to get annoyed when I think that though, and he seems okay with me coming to you for guidance.
    I’ve also been seeing Freyja at times and she has popped up on my computer. She seems encouraging.
    I’m probably just being imaginative.

    1. Actually, it doesn’t sound crazy at all. This sounds like a variety of attempts at contact, which he does have a habit of doing with some people.
      However, if you’d like to contact me, we can go into it a bit deeper. I feel directed to discuss some things about this with you. 🙂

  6. Okay, so I’m glad I found your website, I’ve been having a feeling to look up Loki’s symbols. I’ve been seeing and dreaming about Loki a lot lately I chalked it up as Loki Mania with the new Thor movie coming out. A lot of things on here align with things about me or things I’m drawn too. I have a thing that may seem silly but I call out to Loki that I’m about to read, and ask if he wants to listen, he seems to like it, and I always feel the same warmth(?) On the side of my neck. I figured he’ll get bored eventually, but he’s adamant that I am his and he wants to be near me. So it just seemed to solidify something I already had a feeling about.

    Either that or I’ve been going crazy for a long time.

  7. Not bad, not bad; you listen well. I’ll forgive a few for lost in translation but most (and I mean that) are spot on.

    You did however, forget a few. Allow me to elaborate:

    It’s a VERY common misconception, being blood-brothers with Odin. The truth is all but lost these days…Something I question in marvel, for getting right: it was and is actually Thor. I believe most of the tales these days get the facts confused, as they are correct that Odin returned one day to Asgard with my childhood self; hard to be a brother to someone who is your acting father. ;3

    Jörmungandr prefers his name spelled with the ö and r included.

    I would suggest switching the places of purple and orange, and it’s really more of a lilac/lavender than magenta to be honest.

    Amethyst and Jet~

    Personally, I would like to see mead before beer.

    Otherwise, again *lightly pokes your forehead*, you listen well- I can see that. Well done indeed.

      1. I come and go… I came, then went, then came back. I only just saw this, so forgive me for the late response.

        I admit, I wasn’t sure how you would respond to what I had to say- less did I realize it would be like this. Fancy that. What would you like to discuss? :3

      2. Well I’d love to have a casual discussion, I do have many questions. I’m fascinated with the idea of channeling, and was wondering if you’re channeling Loki, or something else. I have no problem sharing my contact info if you’d like.

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